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Question- 1. What is NATGRID? Explain its significance for internal security of the country. 


Answer: The National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) is a one-stop destination for security and intelligence agencies to access intelligence data on a secured platform.

The idea was conceptualized post the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, where lack of inter-agency coordination was the main reason for preventing the attacks.

Significance for internal security

  • Intelligence sharing
    NATGRID is a intelligence sharing platform that will collect emigration/immigration, bank details and other important information of suspects.
  • Interdepartmental cooperation
    At present 11 agencies share their data with NATGRID. The data access is provided to certain important agencies, allowing inter-agency cooperation.

Issues associated with NATGRID

  • Many critics of the programme allege that NATGRID project undermines privacy and secrecy of citizens.
  • The data is not available for local police, who are actually liable for preventing any attacks on the ground.

Thus, NATGRID will realise the idea of intelligence sharing between security agencies. This is critical since data harvesting can be a vital tool of intelligence.

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