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Question:  Nanotechnology is one of the most important fields in the current century. Describe its applications acrossvarious sectors.


Answer:  Nanotechnology is an emerging discipline of science that is concerned with building ‘things’ – generally, materials and devices – on the scale of atoms and molecules. Various research has proved that nanotechnology has the potential to change future of sciences and technology in the world.

General applications of nanotechnology

  • Healthandpharmaceutics
    Nanotechnology has been successfully used in treating health related problems through innovative products and materials. Nanorobots are created to target particular organ and cell in the body. They are also used to directly attack foreign bodies through their superior reach.
    In pharma industry, nanoparticles are used to carry chemicals and compounds to targeted area making it more efficient.
  • Defence and security
    Nanotechnology is used to develop modern equipment that are in nano scale. These can be used for monitoring health of security personnel and also to spy on enemies.
    Nanotechnology can also be used to manufacture highly volatile protection gears and light bullet proof vests.
  • Electronics
    It has very important applications in developing electronics such as conductors or resistors. Managing properties of materials at a nano level will ensure that product as a whole remains better than the existing ones.
  • Textiles
    Clothing can be designed using nano fibres that increase its durability and strength. Clothes developed using nanotechnology can be resistant to heat, cold or rain. They can also be light and strong enough to act as bullet proof materials.

Thus, nanotechnology is indeed a uniqueand important part of future of science and technology sectors. It’s widespread applications make it central to plan of modernisation.

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