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Question-1: The monsoons have a vital impact on economy, climate and society of India. Elaborate.


AnswerMonsoon is the seasonal reversal of winds. The winds originate in the cold areas and move towards warm region. The monsoons bring with them moisture-laden clouds towards the subcontinent, causing rainfall. Monsoons are unique to South Asia and surrounding regions.

Impact on economy

  • Agriculture
    Monsoons bring rainfall that sustains agriculture in the country. India’s agriculture is over dependent on monsoon for irrigation needs.
  • Environmental resources
    Resources such as water and winds are a result of timely monsoon. Water in river help in generating hydropower.

Climate impact

Reduce heat waves
Monsoons bring respite to people under the wrath of heatwave due to harsh summers. Without monsoon, survival of humans and animals will be difficult.

Importance for society

  • Water needs
    Water needs of the society is the contribution of monsoon induced rainfall. River, lakes and groundwater get replenished.
  • Recreation
    Forests, rivers, lakes and other environment get new lease of life with rains. They act as a way of recreation for people.

Thus, monsoons are critical to India due to its role in agriculture and replenishment of natural resources.

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