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Question : Migrant labourers are one of the most exploited groups in India. Explain how ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ policy will help improve lives of migrant labourers.



Large scale Indian population from rural and semi urban regions are forced to migrate to far away places in search of employment and a better life. But their lives are far from better. The Challenges are plenty and solutions bleak.

Challenges faced by migrant labourers

  • Language barriers
    The biggest challenge the migrants face is barrier in communication. This barrier has created a sense of illusion that migrant are aliens and they are treated badly by locals.
  • Non availability of support from local governments
    The migrants are usually not considered while rolling out welfare schemes by the government. Various issues also are responsible for making this happen such as non availability of proper residential documents, employment certificate etc.
  • Overcoming outsiders tag
    Recently there have been many instances wherein migrants have been inappropriately targeted by regional groups who advocate greater representation for locals. This sentiment has resulted in migrants being lynched or their belongings destroyed.

Role of ‘ONORC’ Scheme in improving lives of migrant labourers

  • Access to ration under PDS
    Earlier, the migrant labourers had no access to ration when they moved away from their native place to different states. Now there is flexibility in availing ration, away from designated shops in different state.
  • Benefits married women migrants
    Earlier married women migrants whose name was included in her pre-marriage ration card could not avail ration after her post-marriage ration card. Now under the new scheme, ration can be easily availed.
  • Removes monopoly of Ration Shop owners
    Under the new scheme people can buy their ration from shops, other than their designated ones. This will help them to move away from the mercy of shop owners, who exploited them.

Way forward
Some aspects like compulsory Aadhaar seeding can be improved so that ration is not denied because of mismatch of biometric data.

Thus, we can say that ‘ONORC’ Scheme has the potential to better the lives of people belonging to vulnerable groups. This scheme also contributes towards ‘Poshan’ abhiyan, which aims to eradicate malnutrition.


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