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Question- 1. Microplastics in environment can pose a threat to biodiversity and climate stability. Explain the threats due to presence of microplastics in polar areas.


Answer: Microplastics are minute plastic particles that are less than 5mm in size. Microplastics originate from plastic objects and also from cosmetic products such as face wash and face packs.

Problems due to microplastics

  • Food security
    Microplastics can enter plant and animal tissues, slowly accumulating. They move from lower food chain to higher food chain, thus affecting food security.
  • Breathing pollutant
    Pollutants can enter the respiratory system in form of minute dust particles. They can cause breathing problems and associated diseases in humans.

Threats due to microplastics in polar areas

  • Marine pollution
    Plastic objects break down into smaller microplastic particles that can enter oceans and seas through melting water. They create problems for marine organisms.
  • Ice melt
    Plastic particles can absorb high amount of heat in comparison to other objects. By mixing with ice, they speed up melting of glaciers in polar areas of the world

Thus, microplastics threaten the future of the world by negatively affecting health of organisms and also climate. It is necessary that measures are adopted to check microplastics.

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