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Question-1:  Media can play an active role in upholding spirit of democracy by becoming the fourth pillar. Explain challenges faced by the media in playing its role.


Answer:  Democracy across the world and India is supported on three widely accepted pillars- the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.

The importance of media in society and its role in upholding democratic values have earned it a place alongside the three pillars.

Media’s role as fourth pillar of democracy

  • Uphold citizen rights
    Media plays a major role in upholding citizen rights, which includes individual freedom, freedom of speech as well as other fundamental rights.
  • Course correction
    It highlights wrong actions by the government, including governance lapses and corruption. Media ensures that government undertakes course correction.
  • Awareness creation
    Creating awareness about citizen rights, public health and social welfare schemes make media critical for public outreach and awareness creation.

Challenges faced by media

  • Political target
    Media is a soft target for political class to settle scores. Many media personnel have been arrested and fake cases slapped against them for performing their duties.
  • Lack of cooperation
    Journalists are not given cooperation by authorities to function independently. They also face opposition from citizens for their activities.

Thus, media indeed has a critical role to play in democracies. Individuals belonging to media must steer clear of political influence.

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