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Question: Malnutrition has been a major challenge in realising demographic dividend of India. Explain the challenges posed by malnutrition.



  • Malnutrition can be defined as the deficiency of nutrients in population that results in abnormal development of growth. Stunting and wasting are the two major aspects of malnutrition.
  • Malnutrition is one of the major hurdle that effects population and its effect are quite astonishing.
  • The Challenges posed by malnutrition
    • Economic
      • The effects of malnutrition on family income is large. The families are thus burdened with additional spending on health needs .
        Ex: Anaemia
    • Social development
      • As a society, it is important to keep human resources as efficient as possible. The effects of malnutrition makes society weak and possible collapse in the future.
    • Burden on state resources
      • The states require additional resources to be spent on malnutritional eradication. The spent resources can be better used on development.
  • Measures to tackle
    • Creating awareness
      • By creating awareness about importance of nutritional growth, people can be encouraged to provide suitable food for their children that can help in their normal growth.
    • Free nutritional nourishment
      • The measures like mid-day meal scheme have been successful in providing nutrition to children going to school. This has allowed the state to focus solely on children who are victims to malnutrition.
    • Strengthening PDS
      • Public Distribution Scheme can be strengthened by providing nutrient sufficient items like dal, millets, cereals to beneficiaries in addition to existent ones.
      • Thus, the challenges posed by malnutrition is enormous and suitable measures can reduce its threat significantly.
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