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Toppers Talk – Priyanka Shukla | AIR-109, CSE 2018

This was Priyanka’s 4th attempt.

  • Interviewer – How you feel Priyanka after cracking the UPSC exam?

Priyanka Shukla – I am very happy and want to thank my parents, friends, and teachers. It is not my sole effort, it was the blessing of all of them.

  • Interviewer – Were you expecting this rank?

Priyanka Shukla –  I was expecting a better rank, but my first choice was IPS only so I am happy with it.

  • Interviewer – How your parents reacted to your rank?

Priyanka Shukla – I told my mom first, she was very happy and then my mom informed my dad on the phone as he was in village.  It was a very emotional moment for everyone and my father started crying. It was like Diwali for us.

  • Interviewer – How this IAS thing came to you?

Priyanka Shukla – Becoming an IAS officer was my very early childhood dream.

  • Interviewer –  Even after failing twice in prelims and 3rd time in mains, didn’t you got the feeling of quitting it?

Priyanka Shukla – I did not have any backup or plan B.  I missed my Second attempt for the UPSC prelims exam by 2 marks. In 3rd attempt I could not clear the Mains exam, first time cleared prelims.

My parents had a trusted me for 4 long years in my UPSC journey.

On 10 Jan 2018 I  missed an interview call by 77 marks still I stayed positive all that time. Did the objective analysis of my mistakes.

This year my marks were 81 above the cutoff. In the interview, I have scored 162.

  • Interviewer – What is your cadre choice?

Priyanka Shukla – Madhya Pradesh is my first choice.

  • Interviewer – You did not have the  IIT or NIT degree. Were you not afraid of competition with IIT /NIT aspirants. As you have an engineering degree from a very normal college?

Priyanka Shukla- In starting my confidence was very down, but I sorted all the things after discussing it with my friends.

  • Interviewer – When did you start your preparation from UPSC?

Priyanka Shukla – I started my preparation in June 2014, after giving my engineering 8th-semester exams and it took me 4 years for this preparation.

  • Interviewer – How did you prepare for civil service?

Priyanka Shukla – First of all I made my basic booklist. Joined test series from 3rd attempt and gave 30-35 set for prelims.  For Polity –Lakshmi Kant, Modern India –Spectrum, Geography – All CONCERTS Environment -Shankar IAS, Art, and Culture- Fine ARTS CONCERTS.

For Current affairs, I followed The Hindu Newspaper and prepared my own notes from the newspaper – revised them.  I followed a monthly magazine of a reputed institute.

  • Interviewer – What changes were made by you, that after failing in 2 prelims you cleared it the third time?

Priyanka Shukla –  Earlier I used to be reluctance while reading from books and tried to take short cuts in learning, In  2015 I could not clear basic questions.

I sat and read (Polity –Lakshmi Kant, Modern India –Spectrum ) books religiously and then I could clear the exam.

  • Interviewer – What was your strategy for mains exams?

Priyanka Shukla –  I missed an interview by 72 marks in my third attempt. I had very fewer marks in the essay.

GS drew diagrams, pie charts, and graphs for better presentation.

  • Interviewer – Did you practice answer writing?

Priyanka Shukla – I practiced answer writing a lot. It gave me a better understanding of the alignment of my content.

  • Interviewer – What is your score in GS?

Priyanka Shukla –

  • Paper 1- 98
  • Paper2-104
  • Paper 3-95
  • Paper 4 – Ethics – 125 (highest 128)

Interviewer – What was your strategy for Ethics as you have scored very well in it?

Priyanka Shukla – Used quotes in many places. Quotes on happiness. Used easy and simple quotes. Quoted real-life examples.

  • Interviewer – Tell us something about your optional subject Geography?

Priyanka Shukla – My score in my optional subject Geography is 301 and the highest is 324.

In 2017 my Geography marks were 206. Have confidence in yourself.

  • Interviewer – How was your interview?

Priyanka Shukla – It was my first interview.  I was scared at first.  My  Heartbeat was very fast. I Scored  162 in the interview. Be true to what you answer.

My interview was 35 minutes long and  40-44 questions were asked from which I could not answer 4-5 questions. Board was very cordial. Satyawati Board.

  • Interviewer –  What would you like to tell Hindi medium aspirants and how they should study?

Priyanka Shukla –  I would be like to say that UPSC  is not biased. Hindi literature aspirant got  345 in literature. The issue is only of content.

  • Interviewer – Any message for girls?

Priyanka Shukla –Keep your confidence alive always. Parents should support children and there should be equality between boys and girls.

  • Interviewer – What would be your responsibility for society?

Priyanka Shukla –  This is a very big responsibility for me. I only want that whenever I get a transfer or retired from a particular place and when I look back I should be able to see positive changes made in someone’s life.

  • Interviewer –  Earlier you also had passion/experience for teaching? What is your experience in it?

Priyanka Shukla –  In the 9th  and  10th – I taught students at a young age.

I have also taught online, I felt great teaching students from every part of the country. I will try to continue it, like teaching in villages.

Education is the most democratic means of empowerment.

Thank You