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Pakistan stops postal exchange with India

Pakistan stops postal exchange with India

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Why in news?

  • In a Unilateral decision Pakistan has stopped postal mails to India from August 27
  • Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said Pakistan’s decision was taken “without any prior notice” and “in direct contravention of international norms

Why has Pakistan taken such Step?

  • The decision is said to have been taken in the wake of abrogation of certain provisions of Article 370.
  • Tensions heightened between the two countries amidst Pakistan’s vehement opposition to India’s decision to take away the special status of Jammu and Kashmir On August 5.
  • Before Pakistan’s move mailbags were exchanged daily, The mailbags of both countries were exchanged at airports after a customs check.
  • These mails are mostly of academic and literary works. And majority of them exchanged between Panjab or Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan.
  • Until the suspension of service by Pakistan, the Saudi Arabian Airlines carried mails from India to Pakistan and vice-versa, with Riyadh acting as the exchange center for letters.
  • Now the Indian post authorities are putting mail marked for the Pakistan on hold.

 International Protocols

  • Pakistan had clearly violated the United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU) protocol by taking this Unilateral decision
  • Under UPU rules, when a country decides to suspend exchange with a country, it must notify the operator of the other country and, if possible, the duration for which services are being stopped. The UPU’s International Bureau too has to be notified.
  • Other than the UPU, three agreements cover postal exchange between India and Pakistan — Exchange of Value Payable Article, 1948; Exchange of Postal Article, 1974; and International Speed Post Agreement, 1987.

About UPU

  • United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU) frames rules for international mails exchange.
  • UPU has 192 member Nations, It’s headquarter is in Bern
  • It was established in 1874, UPU has four units: the Congress, the Council of Administration, the International Bureau, and the Postal Operations Council. It regulates 6.40 lakh postal outlets worldwide. India joined the UPU on July 1, 1876 and Pakistan on November 10, 1947