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No Government job for those with more than two kids

No Government job for those with more than two kids

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Why in news?

  • On October 21, 2019, the Assam Cabinet decided that no Government jobs will be provided to persons with more than 2 children after 1 January 2021.

Background :

  • In September 2017, the Assam government had passed the “Population and Women Empowerment Policy of Assam”. Under the policy, job candidates with two children alone would be eligible for government employment and the existing government staff were to strictly follow the two children family norms.

Significance of this step :

  • According to 2011 census Indian population is 121.08 crores. The current population of India, the second most populous country in the world is 133.92 crores (2017) according to World Bank. China being the most populous country has a population of 138 crores (2017) according to World Bank Data.
  • However, the population density of China (375 per sq km) is less than the population density of India (416 per sq km).
  • Population of Assam is 3.09 crores. Population Density of Assam is 398 per sq km (greater than that of China). The population in Assam has grown exponentially higher as compared to other states.

Reasons for Population Explosion in Assam :

  • Migration is the major cause for the population explosion in Assam. Even in the past between 1901 and 2011, population in Assam has increased 9 times.
  • The major explosion happened during the 1971 war. The prevailing conditions in Bangladesh during its liberation forced many Pakistani refugees to migrate to Assam. Illiteracy is another major cause for population explosion in Assam.

Iranian Example :

  • In May 1993, the Iranian government passed a national family planning law that effectively encouraged couples to have fewer children — by restricting maternity leave benefits after three children.
  • It also called for the Ministries of Education, of Culture and Higher Education, and of Health and Medical Education to incorporate information on population, family planning, and mother and child health care in curriculum materials.

What Our Target Should Be?

While 2.1 is typically the rate cited in the media as the minimum level needed to achieve replacement fertility, the replacement fertility rate actually varies depending on the level of infant and child mortality in a given country.