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New King of the Moons in the Solar system is Saturn

New King of the Moons in the Solar system is Saturn

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Why in news?

  • On 8th October 2019, 20 new moons of Saturn were discovered. With this Saturn has a total of 82 moons today. It is the highest of any planet in solar system. Till date Jupiter had the highest number of moons. It has 79 moons.

  Details :

  • The moons of Saturn discovered are relatively smaller moons. The discovery was made at the Subaru telescope set up atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano.
  • Of 82 moons, 17 of them orbit in opposite direction. These moons take more than three years to complete their orbit. The moons were discovered by a team of astronomers led by Sheppard.
  • The newly discovered moons belong to Norse group. The Saturn’s Norse group of moons are retrograde irregular satellites.
  • There are unique and different from other moons of the solar system. Their inclinations are between 136 degrees and 175 degrees.

  • These moons are clusters formed from different parent body that Saturn captured.
  • This might have happened during the early days of Solar System according to the astronomers who discovered the moons.
  • The other moons belong to Gallic group. They are prograde moons that take less than 2 years to complete their orbit. Also they orbit in the same direction as that of Saturn.