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Indians no longer require Visa to visit Brazil

Indians no longer require Visa to visit Brazil

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Why in news?

  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said recently that the South American nation will drop its requirement that visiting Chinese and Indian tourists or business people obtain visas.

Brazil–India trade :

  • In 2016, trade between the two nations had increased to US$5.64 billion.

BRICS Visa :

  • The idea of visa-free travel within the trade bloc was first proposed in 2013 at the 5th BRICS Summit in Durban.
  • South Africa has already provided business people from BRICS easier access to the country.
  • Russia too has relaxed visa norms for tourists and transit visitors from BRICS countries.
  • India too offers e-tourist visa to citizens of all BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa.

Why Brics Needs Visa Free Travel ?

  • The BRICS association has mainly been an inter-governmental system with limited interactions between the private sector and citizens.
  • Government-sponsored think-tanks are unable move away from the state-defined national agenda.

Long Term Goal For BRICS :

  • While the vision for the BRICS may be, in the end, an EU-type model with free movement of goods, services, labour and capital, we are a long way from there. Limited resources, increasing trade protectionism, and lack of trust among members make it difficult to reach this destination.
  • This can be facilitated by allowing collaboration by freeing up movement across the BRICS for businessmen, researchers, tourists, students and ultimately all citizens by easier visa regimes.
  • A single BRICS visa for citizens of the BRICS countries wishing to visit each other can pave the way for removal of visa requirements for BRICS passport holders.
  • The commitment to collaboration requires this as a first step. It is a necessary condition for creating people-to-people connect and building mutual trust and common interests.