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IIT Council Introduces Tenure track system

IIT Council Introduces Tenure track system

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Why in news?

  • Recently Ministry of HRD introduced Tenure tracking system in IITs.
  • IIT council approved this system and implement it in the recruitment of assistant professors

Tenure System

  • An assistant professor is hired on a five year contract .His/Her performance is reviewed internally after Three years and externally after five and half years
  • Based on the evaluation, the assistant professor will either be granted tenure (and associate professorship) or asked to leave.
  • The tenure track system combines academic freedom with responsibility and accountability.
  • Earlier probation system was there in which an assistant professor would get a permanent position after successful completion of one year probation period.
  • Draft National Education Policy mentions tenure track system and says if adopted “there will be massive improvement in the quality research done in the country”.


  • It boost the research and performance of the young new faculties.
  • Despite having good academic records a large number of faculties do not put enough efforts on teaching and research, this system address this problem.


  • New faculty will be forced to pursue short-term research goals to satisfy the administration They will not address the long term research problems.
  • This system gives too much control to the directors and the administration. Directors change every five years. Assessment could become subjective.
  • Job insecurity may affect the personal and professional life of the young assistant professors
  • Setting up of the labs, approvals to the research take the at least a year. Many young assistant professor will not be provided with the proper labs. This is another difficulty.
  • Faculty will be busy in getting their research paper published instead of teaching.
  • If a faculty gets rejected after a 5 year review it is very difficult for him to get a job in other education and research institutes.
  • This move may discourage the talents to join the academic and research field

Way forward

  • Introduction of this system without addressing the underlying problems in the research field is likely to discourage the talents to join the field. So government should prioritize the problems and address them one by one.
  • For boosting the research, There are many other factors which needs to be considered and addressed such as Funding and establishing state of the art research facility. Approvals for the research should be given without delaying.
  • The rejected candidates should be provided with alternative career. In US who fail to secure tenure at top institutions will get a full professorship in a lesser ranked Universities.