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Toppers Talk – Vinayak Mahamuni | AIR- 95, CSE 2020

UPSC CSE 2020 Topper Interview, How to study for UPSC from examiner’s point of view? Vinayak Rank 95

  • Interviewer – Your story is truly inspiring after 5 attempts 2 mains 2 interviews now finally you are about to become an IAS officer how does that feel

Vinayak Mahamuni – It feels like all the struggle was worth it. After struggling for five years and putting so much effort when you see your name on the final list that to be in the top 100, two-digit rank so that feeling can not be expressed in words.

  • Interviewer – What was your motivation that you gave your 5 attempts with a consistent growth

Vinayak Mahamuni – Usually aspirant spends their first attempt reading books they don’t get enough time to understand the syllabus properly or solve the previous year paper but after my first attempt I gave my second & third attempt with full preparations but I was always very close somewhere I was 1 marks or.66 marks so I was always motivated that I just have to do one question correctly and I will clear the exam. Another thing that motivated me was whenever I use to write answers for mains I use to receive positive comments on my answers. I cleared my mains on the first attempt but couldn’t make it to the final list so I knew if I  will give the exam again I will clear it that also motivated me.

  • Interviewer – According to you what are the important  points  to remember for prelims

Vinayak Mahamuni – Students tend to get intimidated by prelims which leads to silly mistakes so try to remain calm, second prelims are not limited to a particular set of books in prelims they check your analysis & logical reasoning, try to do calculated guesses. The third mistake that students often commit is to ignore the previous year’s question paper, analyze every question asked according to the examiner’s point of view.

  • Interviewer – How do you think students can analyze the questions asked

Vinayak Mahamuni – UPSC asks two types of questions in first they want you to have in-depth knowledge and second they want coverage. Students need to differentiate between the topics which require depth knowledge and which do not.

  • Interviewer – How to create an interlink between introduction, body & conclusion, and how to frame points in Mains answer writing

Vinayak Mahamuni – First thing to remember for mains answer writing is you must understand the demand of the question, what UPSC is expecting from you to write for the particular question. The second thing is your answer should be well structured, try to answer every part of the question. For writing an intro, you need to understand the question first, then you need to decide Whether you want to start it with a definition or fact. Your into and body should be coherent. Give a proper heading and subheading to your body as it will be easy for the evaluator. Your answer should be multidimensional and substantiate your answer with a fact figure or comparison. You can also write a successful case study in your answer. Your conclusion must reflect hope and positivity for that you can include different committees’ suggestions & supreme court judgment in them.