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India’s Game plan for Tibet | Geopolitics Simplified

India’s Game plan for Tibet | Geopolitics Simplified


  • GS 2 || International Relations || Indian Foreign Policy || Soft Power

Why in the news?

India plan and strategies for Tibet

Additional info:

  • Tibet:
  • Tibet is a region in Asia on the Tibetan Plateau that covers over 2.4 million km2 (almost a fourth of China’s area) and is the traditional homeland of Tibetans and other ethnic groups.
  • With an average height of 4,900 meters, Tibet is the highest area on the planet. Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak, rises 8,848 meters above sea level in Tibet.


Tibet has evolved in the last 60 years, but for the worse. China governed Tibet for 60 years, employing every trick in the book of “how to destroy a civilization,” if such a book existed, and yet China feels compelled to issue the so-called white paper to substantiate its claims of advancement. What China fails to see is that progress is a tool for improving human existence, not a means to an end. No amount of backwardness can excuse a civilization being attacked, occupied, and destroyed by another society.

Mains oriented question:

Examine India’s Tibet policy critically. Do you believe that, in view of China’s assertiveness in the area, India should be more forceful and strive to use its position in Tibet? Comment (250 words)