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International Relations

Blunders of NATO

Blunders of NATO


  • GS 2 || International Relations || International Organizations || Miscellaneous

Why in the news?

The India-NATO alliance will reflect India’s current policy.

Way forward:

  • There is a pressing need for both sides to work together.
  • Because Russia has demonstrated no aversion to the Quad and Delhi’s involvement with the US, adding NATO to the mix is unlikely to make a significant impact. India and Russia, as mature governments, recognize the need to shield their bilateral relationship from the wider structural trends that are affecting the globe today.
  • At this point of time, even NAM is of little importance. India should make sensible judgments based on geopolitical reality without ignoring the colonial legacy.
  • It will be simpler for Delhi to deal with the military institutions of NATO’s 30 member nations if the alliance is institutionalized.
  • Since treaties are signed only for the benefit of the country, India should consider joining NATO.

Mains oriented question:

India’s unwillingness to interact with a major European entity such as NATO will be a spectacular example of strategic self-denial. Comment. (200 words)