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Toppers Talk – Rheecha Ratnam | AIR- 274, CSE 2019

Hindi Medium Topper-Rheecha Ratnam AIR 274

  • Interviewer-Welcome to study Iq Rheecha, Where do you belong and where did you get your education, Rheecha?

Rheecha-Thank you; I am from the Bihar town of Siwan. My schooling was completed in Siwan, and my B.Tech in computer science was completed in Jaipur.

I began studying for the exam while working, but I was unable to devote my complete attention to it, so I began full-fledged preparation in 2016.

  • Interviewer-Which was your attempt this time?

Rheecha-This was my fifth attempt.

  • Interviewer-How did you manage to cope with each try, and how far did you get in each attempt?

Rheecha- In 2017, I passed the prelims but fell short of passing the mains by 12 marks. I took a year off before attempting again in 2019 and passing all stages.

  • Interviewer-What were your thoughts when you decided to forego the 2018 attempt?

Rheecha- I wanted to ensure that I was well prepared for the exam, so I focused on content, quality, and answer writing.

  • Interviewer-Is it true that all of your attempts were made in Hindi? What made you decide on it?

Rheecha-Yes, I made all of my attempts in Hindi; I find it easier to express myself in Hindi, which is why I chose it.

  • Interviewer-What was your preparation strategy?

Rheecha- I began studying for the exam in my hometown and moved to Delhi in 2016 to take History Optional coaching.

  • Interviewer-What all sources did you follow?

Rheecha- Like Hindi publications, the quality isn’t up to par. I didn’t limit myself to content written in Hindi.

For readings, I used English materials and afterward wrote down my ideas in Hindi.

  • Interviewer-What method did you use to take notes?

Rheecha-I copied down the complete curriculum for both the prelims and mains exams and covered each topic in 250 words; handwritten notes were useful for final revision.

  • Interviewer-How did you manage to write answers quickly in Hindi?

Rheecha-I enhanced my writing skills by doing a lot of answer writing practice, about 7 to 8 questions every day.

All of my papers were done on schedule.

  • Interviewer-What kind of preparation did you do for the gs4 ethics paper?

Rheecha- I referred to crash courses on youtube and other online sources.

  • Interviewer- How did your interview go?

Rheecha-Questions were asked from the Detailed Application Form.

Mine was Pk Joshi Sir’s board.

  • Interviewer-What do you have to say to Hindi-medium students?

Rheecha- Hindi medium aspirants should work on speeding up their answer writing.Their responses should contain high-quality content.