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Why USA Is Killings California Sea Lions

Why USA Is Killings California Sea Lions


  • GS 3||Environment|| Biodiversity || Marine Organisms

Why in News?

  • Authorities in the western US state of Oregon have euthanized four sea lions in the last month as part of a program to protect salmon runs and steelhead trout that are at risk of going extinct.

Killings of California Sea Lions

  • The lethal removals of the California sea lions began in mid-December and would continue through May.
  • The killings were necessary to save migrating steel head that have been ravaged by the sea lions in recent years as they swim upstream from the ocean to spawn.
  • The salmon run is the time when salmon, which have migrated from the ocean, swim to the upper reaches of rivers where they spawn on gravel beds.
  • After spawning, all Pacific salmon and most Atlantic salmon die, and the salmon life cycle starts over again.
  • Spawn is the eggs and sperm released or deposited into water by aquatic animals. spawnrefers to the process of releasing the eggs and sperm, and the act of both sexes is called spawning. Most aquatic animals, except for aquatic mammals and reptiles, reproduce through the process of spawning.
  • Spawn consists of the reproductive cells (gametes) of many aquatic animals, some of which will become fertilized and produce offspring. The process of spawning typically involves females releasing ova (unfertilized eggs) into the water, often in large quantities, while males simultaneously or sequentially release spermatozoa  to fertilize the eggs
  • “Our scientists believe that if these sea lions aren’t removed, that run of steelhead could go extinct anytime,”
  • Salmon were also threatened by the sea mammals, whose population has exploded since the Marine Mammal Protection Act was passed in 1972. 

Additional Info

  • The Atlantic salmon (Salmosalar) is a species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae.
  • Found in the northern Atlantic Ocean, in rivers that flow into the north Atlantic and, due to human introduction, in the north Pacific Ocean.
  • Atlantic salmon have long been the target of recreational and commercial fishing,
  • Habitat destruction has reduced their numbers significantly; the species is the subject of conservation efforts in several countries.