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ICAT Certification for Automobilies

ICAT Certification for Automobilies


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Why in News?

  • International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) launched the Certification with high security features in order to prevent the use of forged certificates

 About ICAT

  • The International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT)is a division of NATRiP(National) implementation Society (NATIS), under the administrative control of the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Government of India.
  • ICAT is the first of new world-class centers established under the National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP) with the main objective of carrying out Research & Development besides extending homologation facilities in the field of Automotive Engineering.

 ICAT Certification

  • This is a first of its kind initiative taken by any automotive certification agency in India for enhancing the security of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule certificates.
  • These certificates include Type Approval Certificates (TAC) and Conformity of Production (COP) Certificates for vehicles, engines and components.
  • The new ICAT certificate format consists of nine new and unique security features incorporated in the certificate.
  • The most important security feature is the paper itself on which the certificate is to be printed as it is a special paper which is made especially according to ICAT’s specific requirements.

 Unique Features

  • Key features
  • High security paper
  • Printing using the ultraviolet ink
  • Troymark
  • Microprint
  • Pantograph
  • Reverse Pantograph
  • Secure code
  • Print code
  • Digitally printed stamp and seal of ICAT
  • While some of the security features are generic in nature, the other features are specific for each certificate, i.e. the contents or the information covered through these features will be specific for that particular certificate.
  • Some of the features are visible only through ultraviolet light.
  • The certificates will be printed using special printers which have been imported by ICAT for this very purpose.
  • With the new high security features it will become difficult to forge or counterfeit the ICAT certificate.

 Additional Info- NATRIP

  • The National Automotive Testing and R & D Infrastructure Project is one of the remarkable initiatives of the Government of India in the automotive sector.
  • The aim of this Project is to improve the core competencies n Automotive sector in India and facilitate seamless integration of Indian Automotive industry with the world as also to position the country prominently on the global automotive map.
  • Deepen manufacturing
  • Encourage localized R&D
  • To Boost exports
  • The NATRIP initiative will help the industry in undertaking technology development at a comparatively much lesser costs for the auto manufacturers when weighed against with the global automotive development costs.

 Mains Question    

  • Certification of motor vehicles for various safety and security standards. Examine.