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Green-Ag Project launched by India with UN FAO

Green-Ag Project launched by India with UN FAO


  • GS 3 || Economy || Agriculture || Sustainable Agriculture & Organic Farming

Why in News?

  • The government has launched a Global Environment Facility (GEF) assisted project, namely, “Green – Ag

 Basics-Green Ag Project.

  • Green – Ag: Transforming Indian Agriculture for global environmental benefits and the conservation of critical biodiversity and forest landscapes” in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) during September, 2018 in high-conservation-value landscapes of five States, namely
    • Madhya Pradesh : Chambal Landscape
    • Mizoram: Dampa Landscape
    • Odisha: Similipal Landscape
    • Rajasthan: Desert National Park Landscape
    • Uttarakhand: Corbett-Rajaji Landscape.

Aim Of The Project

  • The project seeks to mainstream biodiversity, climate change and sustainable land management objectives and practices into Indian agriculture.
  • The overall objective of the project is to catalyze transformative change of India’s agricultural sector to support achievement of national and global environmental benefits and conservation of critical biodiversity and forest landscapes.
  • The project will support harmonization between India’s agricultural and environmental sector priorities and investments.
  • The achievement of national and global environmental benefits can be fully realized without compromising India’s ability to strengthen rural livelihoods and meet its food and nutrition security.

Key Missions That Will Be Targeted

  • National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture; National Livestock Mission.
  • National Food Security Mission;
  • National Initiative on Climate –resilient Agriculture
  • National Mission for Horticulture and Rashtriya Krish Vikas Yojana

 Additional Info-About GEF

  • The Global Environment Facility was established on the eve of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to help tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental problems.
  • It is an international partnership of 183 countries, international institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector that addresses global environmental issues.
  • GEF funds are available to developing countries and countries with economies in transition to meet the objectives of the international environmental conventions and agreements.
    • The World Bank serves as the GEF Trustee, administering the GEF Trust Fund.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): It is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger.

 Mains Question

  • Discuss features and significance of the project, GEF.