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Probity • Justice AK Sikri has demonstrated the highest standards of probity by turning down a month-old offer from the central government for a part-time assignment in London. He was nominated by CJI to the three-member panel that controversially decided to transfer CBI Director Alok Verma from the agency.
Right vs. Right Ethical Dilemma• Manipur government’s plan to set up a bird sanctuary at the Loktak lake in Bishnupur district has met with stiff opposition from the villagers in nearby areas.
• The villagers of Thingnunggei are poor and they have no other means of earning a livelihood except for catching fish and plucking vegetables from the lake. If fishing is banned in the lake, the villagers would starve.
• On the other hand, thousands of migratory birds flock to the Loktak lake, the largest freshwater lake in NE India. However, in the past few years there has been a sharp decline. Reports indicate that bird poachers are active in the area.
Honesty & Integrity
Ideal Civil Servant
• IPS officer K. Madhukar Shetty, who passed away recently, served as the Superintendent of Police of Chikmagalur in Karnataka for about eight months, but the people of the district remember him even 12 years after his transfer.
• He won the hearts of locals by clamping down on illegal activities and acting against rich planters, who had encroached on government land. He also played a major role in naxal-affected villages getting basic amenities.