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Toppers Talk – Ronak Tyagi | AIR- 35, CAPF 2020

UPSC CAPF 2020 Topper Interview AIR 35 Ronak Tyagi- How to prepare for CAPF Exam | UPSC CAPF Exam

  • Tell us a little bit about your journey and what was the motivation for CAPF ?

I started my preparation after graduation,i was preparing for UPSC when i came to know about CAPF, But i couldn’t clear my physical exam in first attempt so in my second attempt I shifted my focus to the physical exam.

  • What changes have you made in the preparation of your physical exam in this attempt from the last attempt?

Most of the female candidates can’t qualify the physical exam, especially in the long jump due to lack of practice.This time i made a few changes in my strategy, there is a set of exercises that you need to do before running and after running as well. Apart from that you must have a specific diet plan.

  • How was your personality test experience?

CAPF  interviews are conducted by the UPSC. I was really nervous in my mock interview so I prepared for that,as you have to be calm in your interview. I also prepared my static part by dividing it into two parts: International relation and current affairs.Apart from this you will have to develop a balanced opinion on the topics.

  • How studyiq helped you in your journey ?

studyiq helped me a lot in my interview. Short videos of current affairs were available on the studyiq, so i was able to cover the topic in a very short period of time. Those videos were very detailed so i was able to form my own opinion on different issues.

  • What tips would you like to give to all the aspirants for the interview?

First of all if you don’t know the answer of the question in the interview then don’t bluff, just say sorry and move on to the next but if you try to bluff or explain things it will create a negative impact. Second, be confident it will give a positive impact.