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Spice of the Month

Science & Technology

# Space • India’s first six-tonne-class ‘big bird’ in space, advanced communication satellite GSAT-11, was put into orbit from European spaceport in Guiana in South America. Its mission is to enable high-speed satellite-based Internet services to users in rural and remote areas and to businesses down home over the next 15 years.
• ISRO has completed the design for the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV), the ‘baby rocket’ billed as the quickest way to space for small-size satellites. SSLV promises on-demand access to space, with the rocket assembly taking a mere 15 days and minimum personnel to do it.
• Govt. has approved the ambitious Gaganyaan program, which will send three Indian astronauts to space for up to seven days by 2022. As part of the program, two unmanned flights and one manned flight will be undertaken.
1. ISRO has developed launch vehicle GSLV MK-III, which has the necessary payload capability to launch a three-member crew module in low earth orbit.
# Nuclear• Kaiga nuclear power plant in western Karnataka has created a world record for the longest uninterrupted operation of 941 days. It demonstrates that the nation’s capability in nuclear power generation technology of PHWR had fully matured.
# Biotech
# DNA Profiling
• DNA profiling may be a contentious issue among humans, but for Kerala’s captive elephants, it’s a done deal. In a first for India, every one of Kerala’s captive elephants now has a unique DNA-based genetic ID. Move could help solve wildlife crime cases involving poaching and illegal trade.