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Project Dragon Fly

Project Dragon Fly


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Why in News?:

  • Google is experiencing a “moral and ethical” crisis. That’s the view of hundreds of employees at the tech company, who is protesting the development of a censored search engine for internet users in China.

Controversy over dragonfly search engine:

  • Dragonfly is an Internet search engine app being prototyped by Google that is designed to be compatible with China’s state censorship provisions.
  • Unlike a previous search engine designed by Google for use in China, Dragonfly would not notify users that results or search terms have been censored.

Risks and rewards of dragonfly:

  • Since March 2010, when Google stopped servicing China via, China’s internet user population has increased by 70%. It currently clocks in at 772 million users, but could grow to 1.4 billion users with time.
  • This means that, for Google, who makes most of its revenue from advertisements run on its search engines, the potential profits of re-entering the Chinese search engine market are enormous.
  • Rise of the domestic Chinese search engines – Baidu is considered as Google’s counterpart in China.