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Toppers Talk – Navneet Mann | AIR- 33, CSE 2019

UPSC 2019 Topper Interview, Journey of Navneet Mann who achieved AIR 33 in UPSC in her 2nd attempt

  • Interviewer: Welcome to study Iq, please tell us something about yourself and many congratulations from our team for your achievement.

Navneet Mann: Thank you so much.

My hometown is Amritsar, but I received the majority of my education in Delhi. In 2017, I graduated from Indira Gandhi Technical University, Kashmere Gate, with a in Computer Science. Following that, I took the UPSC test.

  • Interviewer: As a computer science graduate, what made you decide to pursue a career in civil service?

Navneet Mann: I’ve always wanted to do something for my country, but I wasn’t completely committed to it when I first started college.

I considered civil service as a viable career choice in my third year of college.

My father works for the Delhi Police Department, which is a difficult task in itself.

My father has been my greatest source of inspiration. I’ve had firsthand experience watching him deal with difficult circumstances. There were times when he only came home once a week and had to deal with protests. He was still willing to share his on-the-ground experiences with me, which inspired me. I wasn’t scared at all. In reality, it made me realize how important public service is.

  • Interviewer: Tell us something about your first attempt at civil services?

Navneet Mann: In my first attempt at Civil Services in 2017, I was ranked 501 after finishing college in June 2017. I went ahead and enrolled in the Indian Defence Account Service training program in Pune, but was dissatisfied with my role, so I tried again and was successful.

When I first attempted, I had to balance it with my college studies and during my second attempt, I had to balance it with my training.

  • Interviewer: What was your strategy for clearing the IAS Mains Exam?

Navneet Mann: Owing to a lack of time and revision, I lacked in my solution writing practice in my first attempt.

I participated in offline response writing coaching for my second attempt and improved my ranking.

  • Interviewer: How did you stay motivated for your second attempt at the Civil Services exam?

Navneet Mann: I was certain of my path to becoming an IAS/IFS, had a straightforward main target in mind, and my parents and family were strong motivators for me.

My parents have been my most steadfast supporters. They helped me stay on track. I was able to return to my familiar surroundings. When I was down or had mood swings because I wasn’t happy with my mock exams, my parents still held my spirits up, and if I’ve done well, it’s all because of them.

  • Interviewer: Please elaborate on your interview experience in both the previous and current attempts.

For my first interview, I’d like to think that ignorance was paradise for me, and I was fortunate enough to receive good marks.

For the second time, I had thoroughly prepared and was confident in my responses.

  • Interviewer: Were you reliant on the internet for information?

Navneet Mann: In fact, there is a deluge of information; however, my sources were limited, and I chose them carefully.

I used the conventional way of writing items down with a pen and paper.

  • Interviewer: What are your last words of advice for UPSC aspirants?

Navneet Mann: Make a concerted effort to achieve your goal. Throughout this trip, be patient.

  • Interviewer: Do you have any hopes for this service from yourself?

Navneet Mann: I need to improve my capabilities significantly. Continue to put in the effort.

I need to keep up with the latest trends.

I’d like to work in the government’s IT department and e-governance because I have a computer science background.