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EMISAT Satellite Launched

EMISAT Satellite Launched


  • GS 3 || Science and technology || Space || Satellite and launch vehicles

Why in news ?

  • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has launched the country’s first electronic surveillance satellite, EMISAT.
  • It was launched on-board PSLV-C45. As many as 28 small satellites of international customers were also put in space as secondary riders.
  • They include 24 small satellites from the U.S., the other four customers are from Lithuania, Spain and Switzerland.

Details and significance of satellite :

  • EMISAT is an advanced electronic intelligence (ELINT) satellite jointly developed by ISRO-DRDO. It is meant for electromagnetic spectrum measurements.
  • It is modelled after a famous Israeli spy satellite called SARAL (Satellite with ARgos and ALtika). Both these satellites have the SSB-2 bus protocol — the core component for their sharp electronic surveillance capabilities across the length and width of a large country like India.
  • EMISAT also has a special altimeter (a radar altitude measuring device) called ‘AltiKa’ that works in the Ka-band microwave region of the spectrum. The electronic surveillance payload of EMISAT was developed under a DRDO’s project called KAUTILYA.
  • The main capability of EMISAT is in signal intelligence — intercepting signals broadcasted by communication systems, radars, and other electronic systems. The Ka-band frequency that EMISAT is sensitive to, allows the 436-kg EMISAT — India’s newest spy in the sky — to scan through ice, rain, coastal zones, land masses, forests and wave heights with ease.

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