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Question:  Livestock rearing has a big potential for providing non- farm employment and income in rural areas. Discuss suggesting suitable measures to promote this sector in India.


Answer:  Non-agricultureand allied sectors play an important role in economic growth of rural areas. It acts as a supplement to traditional agriculture by providing additional income as well as stability of life. With steady decrease in farming income, the importance of livestock rearing becomes much more important.

Importance of livestock rearing

  • Income stability
    The biggest benefit of livestock rearing is the steady income that is obtained from its practice.  Climatic factors may prevent profits from agriculture but proper management of livestock sector can ensure that stability of income is secured.
  • Fertilizer and livestock feed
    The advantage is mainly obtained in inter-usage of produce of one sector with another. The organic waste from livestock can be used as fertilizers for agricultural crops without additional costs. The crop wastage can be used as feed for livestock for better production.

Measures to improve livestock rearing

  • Subsidies
    For investing in livestock, farmers require initial support in form of financial support. This can be provided to individual beneficiaries in form of loans and subsidies. By keeping the interest rates low, benefits can be transferred suitably.
  • Training
    Livestock rearing is a scientific process which requires certain practices that needs to be followed for succeeding. This can be done by training the farmers who are interested in undertaking rearing of livestock. This will allow the farmers to obtain profits by carrying out rearing of livestock.

Thus, livestock rearing plays an important role if rural economy has to improve and develop. This will allow farmers to cope up with stress of solely depending on agriculture income.

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