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Question:  Legislative control of executive helps in preventing excess by individuals in power. Discuss various mechanism for exercising control.


Answer:  Indian constitution does not distinctly separate executive from legislature like US constitution. This means that members of legislature and executive can overlap, thereby creating an accountability mechanism between the two bodies.

Mechanism for exercising control of executive by legislature

  • No confidence motion
    The council of ministers are directly responsible to the Lok sabha for their actions. Lok Sabha can dismiss a government by passing a no confidence motion. This will remove the government from power for creating any illegal act.
  • Censure motion
    Individual ministers can be censured if they are found to have mislead the parliament. Even though censuring will not necessitate resignation, it is a good way to ensure that ministers perform their duties effectively.
  • Cut motions
    Lok Sabha can pass cut motions to control economic grants and funds of the government. Lok Sabha can show its displeasure to government by passing such motions. For example, it can pass policy cut motion to show displeasure towards a particular policy of the government.
  • Parliamentary committees
    Parliamentary committees are set up by the speakers of the respective houses to maintain effective functioning of the parliament. They also scrutinise the accounts of the government to ensure financial accountability. Ex: Public Accounts Committee.

Thus, legislative control of the executive is necessary in a parliamentary democracy for maintaining transparency in functioning and upholding democratic credentials.

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