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Question: Left Wing Extremism (LWE) is showing a downward trend, but still affects many parts of the country. Briefly explain the Government of India’s approach to counter the challenges posed by LWE.


Answer: Left Wing Extremism is one of the greatest internal security challenges faced by India in past few decades. This trend has reduced substantially over the period of time due to a constructive measures adopted by India in reducing its effect.

Measures taken by government to reduce effect of LWE

  • Infrastructure development
    The government has focused on developing infrastructure in the affected areas in order to bring the downtrodden sections to the mainstream. Facilities like roads, industries etc have allowed people to abandon violence slowly for a peaceful better life.
  • Health and education
    Government has tried to provide better education and health to the deprived communities by revamping the basic structure. Construction of new hospitals and schools for tribal sections have slowly helped them to enter mainstream.
    Ex: Ekalavya residential schools for tribal children.
  • Forest rights
    People living in these areas mainly consist of tribals who are dependent on forest resources for their livelihood. By extending basic traditional rights to minor forest products, they have been allowed a better livelihood.
    Ex: Forest Dwellers Traditional Rights Act 2006
  • Administrative changes
    To encourage better administrative practices in these regions government has brought in new measures like PESA( Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas). These have allowed more autonomy to these areas by introducing Panchayat system. Since governance at grass root levels have improved, government schemes have been able to reach the intended beneficiaries.
  • Empowering security forces
    The government has tried to enhance the security structure of the region in order to empower them to better handle the challenges. Modernising the forces have helped them to attain superior advantage over the extremists.
    Ex: SAMADHAN doctrine of Home Ministry.

Thus, LWE has been reduced to only a few places in the interior through systematic planning and implementation. The measures have to be maintained in order to prevent them from regrouping and restructuring.


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