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Question: Pakistan has vowed to make Kashmir issue as the centre of its foreign policy. Explain the effects of this move on India and the world.



  • Pakistan has been pursuing aggressive moves to catch global attention regarding the Kashmir issue which has re-emerged after India revoked the special status under Art 370. This is aimed to prevent its national agenda from collapsing.
  • In pursuit of this policy, Pakistan has made use of threat such as wars, causing tensions around the world.

Implications of Pakistan’s act

Occurance of war

Kashmir has been the centre of Pakistan’s political rhetoric. By loosing hold on Kashmir issue, the political classes based in Pakistan are on the verge of loosing their popularity. To quell this negative feeling, wars can be imposed on citizens of the country. This can cause widespread loss of innocent lives.

Economic slowdown

India has been experiencing a slowdown of growth whereas Pakistan is on the verge of economic collapse. Situation like war is sure to discourage growth. Foreign investors will turn hostile to invest in South Asian market fearing uncertainty caused due to war. This can further cause decline in growth.

Global instability

Even though the war will be in South Asia, its implications will be felt throughout the world. Global players are sure to interfere in the conflict resulting in escalation of tensions.

Way forward

  • Pakistan has to use conventional measures if it wants to bring up Kashmir issue and claim global support. Making use of international platform is way better than wars.
  • The issue is a bilateral and both India and Pakistan needs to work on this instead of dragging the whole world into the issue.
  • Thus, Kashmir issue has always been India’s internal matter and the changes in its status quo are under legal jurisdictions. Pakistan can instead focus on its underprivileged citizens living in Baluchistan and Gilgit- Baltistan rather than crying over spilled milk.
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