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Question-1:  International cooperation between India and Bangladesh can help in mutual growth. Explain the potential of Chittagong port in growth and development of north-eastern states.


Answer:  India and Bangladesh ties have started to grow owing to political stability in the neighbouring country. The benefits arising out of Indo-Bangladesh cooperation can help in regional growth of India’s Northeast.

Mutual benefits of international cooperation

  • Trade ties
    The potential of Indo-Bangladesh trade is very high. The availability of road, railways and waterways makes transportation easy and cheap.
  • Transit revenue
    Indian vehicles can use Bangladesh as a transit destination to reach Northeast. This saves time and also help Bangladesh earn revenue for transit services.
  • Infrastructure development
    India and Bangladesh can co-operate to develop infrastructure along borders and also within. This include riverine ports, railway bridges and expressways.

Chittagong port
Chittagong port is located on the Bay of Bengal near Bangladesh’s border with Myanmar. The port handles majority of Bangladesh’s export-import trade.

Role of Chittagong port

  • Export of goods
    The port can serve as outpost for exporting goods from north-eastern states of Assam, Tripura, Manipur and Mizoram to rest of the world.
  • Internal trade
    The port will also enable easy movement of goods and services from rest of the country to northeast. This will save time and money.
  • Regional development
    North-eastern states will have opportunity to grow individually without being dependent on mainland India. This could help northeast to become engine of India’s economic growth.

Thus, the role of Chittagong port in development of India’s northeast is critical. This will also serve India’s security interests.

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