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Question:  Insurgency in North-east was the main reason for its backwardness and alienation. How surrendering arms will go a long way in bringing the region under development?


Answer:  Insurgencies and instability was one of the common features of North-east India since independence, especially in the states of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram. In recent years, many groups have joined mainstream but the concern still remains.

Reasons for insurgency

  • Separate nation
    The major reason for insurgency was separation of their territory from India. The insurgents demanded that their ancient territories be respected and recognised as separate entities.
  • Racial and cultural differences
    The different tribes inhabiting north-east belong to Mongolian racial stocks. Their culture do not match will rest of India. This prompted them to demand for separation.
  • Political alienation
    The north-eastern states and tribal groups were not given political representation. This prevented their interests from getting realized and they remained backward.

Significance of surrendering of arms

  • Attract investments
    Surrendering arms will signal peace and this will enable new investors to start investing in these states. The fear of violence and extortion is the major culprit for lack of investments.
  • Focus on social development
    As the security issue is resolved, more focus can be given to social development. Schemes that work towards welfare of all sections can be initiated.
  • Political inclusiveness
    New political system can be introduced that gives political powers to every tribal group. They can work towards development of their territory and uphold developmental initiatives.

Thus, peace and stability is very important if north-east India should develop at faster rate. Moves like surrendering arms, ceasefire agreement etc will all work towards this objective.

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