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Question-:  Indus Water Treaty can be used by India as a diplomatic tool to counter Pakistan and its malicious efforts to destabilize Indian state. Critically analyses.


Answer:  The Indus Water Treaty is a bilateral treaty between India and Pakistan regarding sharing of water of Indus river system. Under the treaty, India is given complete control over eastern river while Pakistan is given control over western rivers.

Using Indus Water Treaty to counter Pakistan

  • Leverage to prevent support to terrorism
    India can use the treaty to persuade Pakistan to stop its actions in Jammu and Kashmir, which involves fuelling separatism and supporting anti-India groups.
  • Permanent marking of LoC
    The LoC is still under dispute, which has resulted in lack of permanent border in area of Jammu and Kashmir. India can leverage the treaty to fix a permanent border.
  • PoK issue
    The Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is still contested by both India and Pakistan. Some sort of buffer can be created between Indian and Pakistani territory by leveraging the treaty.

Arguments against using treaty as leverage

  • Sets bad precedent
    The breaking of a internationally supported treaty will start a new precedent of laxity towards international order and rules.
  • Harms India’s reputation
    India has a very good reputation internationally for its ability to follow global order. If the treaty is violated, India’s reputation will take a hit.
  • Fuels anti-India sentiments in Pakistan
    Pakistani establishment has used anti-India sentiments before to start terrorism and related activities. The breaking of treaty will give another opportunity to start anti-India hate.

Thus, India must leverage the treaty without violating any of the conditions. The ultimate aim should be welfare of population of both the countries.

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