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Question-1Elucidate similarities between culture of Indus Valley civilization and Egyptian civilization.


Answer: Indus Valley Civilization and Egyptian civilization were two of the greatest ancient civilizations that prospered around the same time but miles apart.

We can observe cultural similarities between them, indicating trade ties. Studies have managed to unearth common interesting features of both these civilization.

Similarities between Indus Valley and Egyptian civilization

  • Agriculture development
    Both the civilisations were agrarian based. They managed to prosper due to development in agriculture and subsequent trade.
  • Location along rivers
    Both the Egyptian and Indus Valley civilization cities were based along the rivers. Rivers provided them with fertile soil for agriculture and also helped in navigation.
    Ex: Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Memphis, Thebes etc.

Use of bricks

Houses and buildings were constructed using bricks. While Indus Valley people used burnt bricks, Egyptians used sun-dried ones.

  • Trade and commerce
    Both Egyptian and Indus Valley civilization prospered on the back of trade and commerce. They traded among themselves and also with other civilization.
  • Urbanization
    Egyptian and Indus Valley civilization were highly urbanised. Excavation has shown large buildings and highly planned urban centres.
    Ex: Mohenjodaro grid city.
  • Scripts
    Egyptians and Indus Valley people had developed their own scripts, which were pictographs. Egyptian script has been deciphered but the Indus Valley script is yet to be deciphered.

Thus, traces of Indus Valley culture has managed to transmit over generation and can be still found among several communities. Egyptian culture on the other hand, was destroyed by multiple invasions.

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