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Question:  Indus Valley Civilization was comprehensively different and unique from Vedic civilization. Substantiate.


Answer:  Vedic civilization and Indus Valley Civilization occurred in different time frame and different social conditions. This created a fundamental difference in their culture and practice.

However both Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic civilization have continued to influence modern cultural practices even today.

Fundamental difference between Indus valley civilization IVC) and Vedic civilization

  • Architecture
    IVC contained significant amount of infrastructure in form of urban cities, drainage system, granary, ritual pond etc.
    Vedic civilization does not indicate presence of any significant amount of architecture nor buildings of importance.
  • Civilization nature
    IVC was overwhelmingly urban in nature through development of cities and urban towns.
    Ex: Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Chanhudaro, Surkotada, Lothal.
    Vedic civilization was a rural based civilization with majority of citizens living in rural villages and clusters.
  • Nature of economy
    IVC economy was a mix of rural agriculture along with trading of goods and services. It also undertook foreign trade.
    Vedic civilization economy was a pastoral economy with more focus on cattle rearing and trade. Cattle acted as a source of currency.
  • Religion
    IVC religion was naturalist in nature. It involved worship of animals, trees, mother nature, and secret organs of humans.
    Vedic religion was mix of natural worship and rituals. It mainly involved ritual sacrifice along with religious hymns.
  • Literature
    There are no literary evidences of IVC. The script and the language used has not been deciphered.
    Vedic civilization had developed literature in form of Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyakas etc. The literature is still in existence.
  • Metal culture
    IVC was a Bronze age culture with large-scale use of bronze for developing tools.
    Vedic civilization was iron age culture with use of iron metal for making tools such as swords, sickles, axes etc.
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