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Question:  India’s role in Afghanistan is not just restricted to regional stability but includes security and human rights protection. Discuss.


Answer:  Afghanistan is going through a phase of turmoil and the need for bringing stability is paramount for all the stake holders. All the stakeholders are making efforts for ensuring that international order is upheld. India too aspires to be a major player in Afghanistan and has initiated new steps in this regard.

India’s current position

  • Non engagement with Taliban
    India has always maintained a distance with Taliban as it considers it a terrorist entity capable of harming civilian and India’s interests.
  • Regional cooperation
    India aims to initiate an order in which regional players have bigger role in deciding future of Afghanistan rather than western countries.

Security role in Afghanistan

  • Decision making
    India aims to be at the high table for decision-making in Afghanistan. This will ensure that India’s interests are upheld while making any decisions on the country.
  • Blacklist terrorism
    India is vary of the fact that Afghan soil may be used for anti-India activities. It has initiated process for identifying and blacklisting potential anti-India activities.

Human rights protection

  • Uphold inclusiveness
    India is advocating for an inclusive government that gives opportunity for minorities and women. Such developments are yet to take place but continuous pressure is being applied.
  • Vital aid
    Afghan citizens are suffering from poverty and droughts. There is an urgent need for international aid in form of food grains and medical supply.

Thus, India aspires to have a greater say in Afghan affairs as its soft-power stakes are very high. There is also an effort to reduce Pakistan’s influence over Afghan affairs.

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