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Question:  India’s growing population provides great opportunity for development of strong domestic toy industries. However this has failed to realise. Analyse.


Answer:  The global toy market is expected to be worth$ 120B in the future. Most of the share is held by China. Indian domestic market is also dominated by China despite India possessing traditional crafts of toy making. Traditional toys such as Etikoppa, Channapatna are yet to emerge on national and global stage.

Issues that prevents development of toy industries

  • Lack of Industrial manufacturing
    Most of traditional toys are developed in cottage industries with very less modernisation. This has prevented the craft from being profitable. Time consumption and lack of large margin has reduced its scope as a profitable venture.
  • Reduction in producer area
    Production of toys, both traditional and modern has witnessed reduction in gross amount due to multiple factors. With reduced number of people indulging and traditional crafts and lack of quality in domestically produced modern toys, industrial realisation has stalled.

Measures to develop toy industries

  • Industrial clusters
    A particular region has to be set up with all industrial benefits that will allow manufacturing of toys on a large scale. This will help in increasing profitability of market and also in producing employment opportunities for large number of artists.
  • Geographical indication
    Certain toy crafts such as Etikoppa and Channapatna have been provided Geographical Indication tag to increase their value. But there are still large number of traditional crafts that are yet to be recognised. Profitability will certainly boost the industry.
  • Skill training
    Individuals interested in learning the crafts can be provided the required training. This will not only help in employment generation but it will also help in preservation of tradition. If quality of products improve, its demand will also increase.

Way forward

Digital infrastructure has to be utilised for marketing and selling of toys. Medium such as e-commerce can help in growth of such industries.

Thus, development of toys has a very good opportunity to further boost ‘Make In India’ initiative so that India grows into a manufacturing hub in future.

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