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Question-1:  India’s freedom movement was one of the longest and inclusive in the world. Elaborate.


Answer:  Indian freedom movement is known to be intense and a tedious affair that was sustained due to contribution of all sections of society. The movement gave rise to many leaders, who contributed for the country’s growth even after independence.

Long nature of Indian freedom movement

  • The Indian freedom movement first started in 1857 through the Sepoy Mutiny, an armed struggle that gave rise to anti-British sentiments among public.
  • The movement underwent multiple changes throughout its tenure. It evolved from being moderate to extremist.
  • The movement saw political split between moderates and extremists, rise of Swarajists and also formation of Congress Socialist party.
  • The movement was initially aimed at gaining more governance powers to Indians. The later phases saw the demand change to complete independence.

Inclusive nature

  • Pan India
    The movement initially gained traction among Northern region of the country but slowly spread to all parts. The movement could succeed only because of its pan-India nature.
  • Religion
    The movement saw support from all religions. The emergence of Muslim League saw the demand change to separate nation. However, majority of religious groups supported independence.
  • Class
    All social classes in India participated in the movement. Workers, peasants, professionals and even some government workers were supportive of the movement.

Thus, India’s freedom struggle was unique due to various factors. It managed to capture attention of the whole world.

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