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Question: Indian and USA are two large democracies. Examine the basic tenets on which the two political systems are based.


Answer: India and US have been the major torch bearers of Republic form of democracy. These countries have been successful in upholding democratic values due to the unique set of tenets that govern the fundamentals of political system.

Basic tenets of political system

  • Equality
    Equality for all the citizens is enshrined in the constitution of both India and the US. This feature allows no discrimination on any basis and also ensures that every citizen gets equal opportunities.
  • Liberty
    Liberty restricts the control of the state on individual. It ensures that government does not encroach upon the rights of the people. It gives citizens the right to do anything within the law.
  • Sovereignty
    Both the countries are sovereign states, which means that they have complete freedom to take any decisions without the consent of other countries. Sovereignty ensures that the country is free from foreign interference.
  • Governance by people
    The biggest similarity that can be observed is that governance is carried out by people through elected representatives. This characteristic is the most important feature among all.
  • Secularism
    The state refrains from interference in religious matters of the citizens. The state also does not endorse a particular religion as the state religion. The citizens have utmost freedom to practice their faith and belief.
  • Federalism
    The most unique feature that is observable in countries like India and US is federalism. US is a complete federal state, where powers are equally distributed between centre and state. In India powers are unequally divided between the two power centres but still decentralisation is observed upto certain extent.

Thus, US and India find a lot of common characteristics that are fundamental to their political existence. These characteristics keep the spirit of democracy alive in the world regardless of the situation.

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