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Question:  India must develop robust ties with Taiwan as a countermeasure against aggressive nature of Chinese diplomacy. Analyse.


Answer:  India and China ties have deteriorated fast since the Doklam crisis and is at the lowest post Galwan valley incident. The popular feeling is highly anti-Chinese. In this phase, many sections are demanding that government improve its ties with Taiwan.

Need for strong ties with Taiwan

  • Strategic advantage
    Taiwan lies in South China Sea and is on major trade route. Its proximity to Chinese mainland can be utilised by India to use as a military base in future to tackle China.
  • Trade benefits
    Taiwan is a leading player when it comes to electronics and semiconductors. In addition, it has great potential for Indian defence equipments as it faces threats from China.
  • Soften Chinese offensive
    China has always been offensive against India. By using Taiwan card, India can force China to soften its stance and open up negotiations.

Expected concerns of developing ties

  • Border skirmishes
    China will continue entering Indian territory and developing infrastructure. This may further start another round of conflict with Indian forces.
  • Insurgency in north-east
    There is a belief that China will make use of its proxies in Myanmar to fuel unrest and insurgency in north-eastern states to divert India’s attention.
  • Trade sanctions
    India is still dependent on China for many products including chemicals, automobile parts, heavy machinery etc. Trade sanctions on India can affect domestic business.

Thus, India should always keep its options ready. Taiwan issue can be used by India as leverage against offensive by Chinese army and diplomats.

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