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Question–  India maintaining diplomatic ties with Iran despite the pressure of US economic sanctions, indicates importance of Iran in India’s future plans. Comment.


Answer:  India and Iran have a long history of bilateral ties, starting from its Shah days to the current conservative regime. This indicates how important Iran is for India—both economically as well as strategically.

Importance of Iran for future plans

  • Energy security
    India is dependent on West Asia for its energy security, especially Gulf countries. Integrating Iran into India’s energy supply chain can diversify our import basket and reduce concerns.
  • Strategic dominance
    India is constructing the strategic Chabahar port, near to the Pakistan border. This port has potential to dominate the trade in Persian Gulf as well as challenges China’s presence in Gwadar.
  • Trade with Eurasia
    Iran fits into India’s plan of developing a shortest route to Europe and Eurasia. Iran’s ports, railways and roadways can reduce the cost involved in European trade.
  • Regional grouping
    Iran and India can provide regional leadership in Asia, which currently is oscillating between China and West. The group can work towards upholding interests of Asian countries.

Way forward

India will hope that parties endorse the Iran nuclear deal so that economic sanctions are lifted and trade ties can continue flourishing.

Thus, Iran is a critical component of India’s west Asia policy. Governments of both the countries are putting in the hard work to ensure that global politics do not hamper bilateral ties.

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