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Question: India is facing a difficult situation in terms of various protests by different groups. In context of protests in states like Assam and Tamil Nadu, emulate the challenges to unity of India. Also give measures to tackle regionalism.


Answer: In recent times India’s citizens have come out as polar opposites when supporting or opposing government policies. This has had great effect on tolerance of opinion that we had followed from long time.

The challenges facing Unity of India

  • Religious intolerance
    There has been various forms of religious based protests that are claimed to be representing religious communities. The political ideologies have used religious minorities for promoting their own propaganda. This has created a negative feeling towards particular religious communities.
  • Linguistic dominance
    We often see this protests that aim at creating sympathy for regional parties at state level. This linguistic chauvinism has often resulted in fights between states for dominance.
    Ex: Tamil Nadu protests against Hindi language.
  • Casteism
    There are some sections who believe that their caste need separate states for showcasing their dominance. Such states based on castes will further destroy feeling of inclusive nation.
    Ex: Jatland

Measures to tackle regionalism

  • Autonomy
    In cases where regionalism is based on the idea of better governance, greater autonomy has to be given to these parts. This will allow them to overcome administrative paralysis and develop economically.
    Ex: Bodoland autonomous council.
  • Cultural integration
    Bringing culture of different areas and states to far places and introducing them to people of the country will help in better perception and acceptability to these people.
    Ex: Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat

Way forward
An education system that promotes idea of equal and supportive India that includes all religions and languages have to be inculcated in students. This will help in quelling regionalism upto certain extent.

Thus, regionalism is indeed a big challenge in a vast and varied country such as India. It is therefore important to promote equality at a higher level to have a united India free from regionalism.

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