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Question:   “India is an indestructible Union of destructible states”. Explain in terms of formation of new states.


Answer:  The constitution of India has deliberately used the word union instead of federation. The word federation signals that the country has been formed by coming together of states, which can secede anytime. The word Union implies that the country is divided into states for ease of governance.

Indestructible union of destructible states

  • No secession
    States do not have the powers to secede from the union as in some federations such as United States. This has given more powers to the centre.
  • Formation of states
    The Parliament has the full powers regarding formation of states. It can change the name, decrease/increase boundary, reorganize boundaries etc.
  • Sovereign powers
    Only the centre possesses sovereign decision making powers regarding national policies such as foreign relations, defence etc. This keeps the union intact.

State formation process

  • A bill for forming new state or reorganization can be introduced in any house of the Parliament after recommendations of the President.
  • The President will send the bill to concerned state assembly for their feedback. The feedback of state will not have any effect on legislation.

The bill has to be passed with a simple majority in both the houses to become a law. It is not considered a constitutional amendment process.

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