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Question:  India has been elected to non-permanent seat in UN Security Council for the next two years. Explain potential benefits of this development on India’s foreign policy.


Answer:  The UNSC is one of the two bodies of UN along with UN General Assembly that handles global affairs. The UNSC consists of two categories viz permanent members and temporary members. The permanent members are US, UK, France, China and Russia. The temporary members are elected for a period of two years on a region wise representation basis.

Issues in security council

  • Chinese influence
    The biggest threat in UNSC is the increasing influence of Chinese in global affairs, especially in affairs related to India. The active veto by China has prevented India from raising various issues concerning its security such as cross border terrorism.
  • Global leadership crisis
    With gradual withdrawal of US from World affairs, a leadership crisis is imminent. The void is being filled by China and Russia. Considering China’s predatory policies, it will be catastrophic if global order will be controlled by China and its proxies.

Benefits of India’s position in UNSC

  • Countering Pakistan
    The seat on security council can be used to put additional pressure on Pakistan to mend its activities with respect to Kashmir. Pressure tactics such as FATF grey listing, UN designated terrorist list have allowed some respite to Indian efforts.
  • Prelude to permanent seat
    A seat on permanent membership table of UNSC is India’s ultimate aim. This will be the real recognition of India’s leadership abilities in Asia as well the world. Eventhough there is opposition from permanent members, changing perception regarding India can make this happen.
  • Reformation in global politics
    The world has been excessively bipolar since conclusion of World War 2. Conflicts between major powers has prevented rise of a united global order. US has adopted a reclusive approach regarding world affairs but rise of China can bring back cold war days.

Way forward

India can exercise its power and influence in order to garner support from majority of members in order to obtain UNSC permanent seat.

Thus, the development provides a good platform for India launch its bid for permanent seat but it will not be easy considering the adamant nature displayed by the current members against entry of new members.

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