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Question: Increasing population has given rise to demands for implementing One Child policy in India. Critically analyse the issues associated.


Answer: The debate on One Child policy has once again gained momentum due to a private member’s bill introduced in the Rajya sabha which aims to incorporate One Child policy in our constitution. Eventhough this appears to be in good faith, there are some issues that needs to be addressed.

Salient features of One Child policy

  • Balanced resource distribution
    India’s population has increased at a fast rate, which is more than the rate of resource generation. This has created a skewed situation where population is much more than the ability to equally distribute. Slower population growth can address this issue.
  • Reduction in disease burden
    India is one of the largest inheritor of global disease burden especially due to its high population and low revenue. By balancing the population better facilities can be given due to lesser demand. In addition medical policies can be  family centric in comparison to whole societal approach being currently followed.
  • Women’s participation in Economic production
    In the current scenario women’s working ability has not been completely realised mainly due to burden of reproduction. By reducing the burden on these section, more efforts can be directed towards economic growth rather than delivering and raising a child.

Drawbacks of One Child policy

  • Reduction in market demand
    India’s biggest advantage is its continuous population growth that has created a readymade market for goods and services. This has indeed helped in the growth in GDP in this current century. By introducing this policy, the government has to look for alternative measures for boosting economic growth.
  • Health of women
    Poor women will be obligated to undergo medical procedures for birth control due to the new policy. This will increase the number of botched procedures that may lead to even death of poor women.

Thus, the One Child policy should be considered only through a rational approach rather than a political act because its implications are immense on society and economy. A detailed study to scrutinize the minute effects of such a move can answer the question of implementation in the future.

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