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Question:   In this era of unstable political scenario, India must revert back to its NAM ( Non-aligned Movement) days to fulfil its global obligations. Comment.


Answer:   Non-aligned Movement was a legacy from Cold War era where group of countries aimed to maintain sufficient distance from both the West and Soviet. India was the pioneer of this movement assuming leadership of the grouping multiple times. In recent times, India has systematically moved away from this policy towards a bipolar power centre.

Need of reverting to NAM

  • Maintain equal relations
    After India’s affinity towards US started, relationship with Soviet bloc countries have not been that good. In order to please American interests, India is forced to shed its neutral image and is seen as an non-NATO US ally.
    Ex: The US pressurized India to stop buying Iranian oil due to its conflict with it. If India was genuinely a NAM country, such obligations would have hardly mattered.
  • Global leadership role
    In this era where smaller countries are looking for a voice in the highest chambers of world politics, NAM would have provided a perfect platform for India to assume leadership of these ‘third world countries’. This would have given more weightage to real issues rather than the current conflicts on power struggle.

Significance of bipolar affinity

  • Security
    It is not a secret that bipolar affinity has helped India during conflict times. Its improved relationship has brought wealth and prosperity along with security from enemies. Be it Soviet days that helped during 1971 war or US support during Kashmir conflict, India’s affinity has reaped certain benefits.
  • Secure global interests
    India’s interest in active participation in global politics is a well known fact and in order to obtain that it needs support from US and its allies. A strong friend always helps in navigating difficultwaters and thus their support is necessary.

Thus, NAM is relevant upto certain extent to check balance of power but it’s role in controlling global politics is nil. Still efforts to revive NAM can be good idea going into the future.

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