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Question:  In the context of defence services, ‘patriotism’ demands readiness to even lay down one’s life in protecting the nation. According to you, what does patriotism imply in everyday civil life? Explain with illustrations and justify your answer.


Answer:  Patriotism is an act of dedication towards a particular objective. In case of defence services, the object of dedication is the country.

The definition of patriotism changes for different individuals based on their sphere of work. For politicians it is better governance, for scientists it is scientific invention, for students it is to study with dedication and contribute towards society.

Patriotism according to me

  • Perform social duty
    My form of patriotism is to perform my social duty properly. Respect my family and elders of the society including women. Promote social equality and eradicate bad practices such as dowry. Take steps towards securing welfare of the individuals of the society. Try to keep bad elements away.
  • Professional integrity
    In my professional sphere, the biggest act of patriotism would be towards upliftment of my organization. I would work dedicatedly for making my organization prosper. I would indulge in high form of integrity towards my profession.
  • Civic duty
    Civil duties such as following law and order would also count towards my patriotic act. Small actions such as following traffic rules, cleanliness rules etc would be good enough for proving my patriotism.
  • Economic duties
    Economic duties as a citizen would include paying taxes properly including income tax, GST etc. Since taxes contribute towards economic growth of the country, prompt payment would translate into act of patriotism from my side.
  • Political duties
    A country can prosper if proper political representatives are elected. In this regard, proper voting, selecting non-criminal candidates will be a good contribution towards the nation.

Thus, patriotism cannot be limited to just an act of defending a country. It involves performance of social, economic and political duties too.

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