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Question:  Improper guidelines and carelessness are perfect recipe for industrial disaster. Comment


Answer:  Man made disasters are equally dangerous and fatal when compared to natural disasters, especially in chemical and nuclear industries. Incompetence of a few individuals can put lives of lakhs under risk and thus it is necessary to be prepared in advance for extraordinary situation.

Reasons for industrial disaster

  • Natural reasons
    Experts consider all situation before setting up industries but there may arise some conditions which has never occurred before and it may turn disastrous. This can be due to changes in climate, pressure, acidity, heat etc.
  • Accidents
    Accidents can be in form of fire, failure of valves, leakage of tanks, blast of pipes etc which may further create detrimental effects on lives of people.

Measures to prevent industrial disaster

  • Selecting appropriate location
    Industries must be set up in areas after through inspection regarding the safety of public. Selecting densely populated area or locality is out of the question because there are chances of high casualties if an untoward incident occurs. The worst case scenario must be considered while trying to establish a industry in a given area.
  • Regular inspection
    Sensitive industries such as chemicals, biological or nuclear are always at risk due to uncertainty in stability of its raw products. Over a period of time, non-dangerous products may turn fatal due to reactions. So it is always better to be prepared to face uncertain situations through regular checking that may prevent disasters.
  • Legislation for accountability
    Industries owned by multinationals operate in various locations and its management is not directly concerned with incidents happening at certain locations. To make management more responsible, it is necessary to form legislations that demand accountability. Without proper guidelines, local management will hardly care to take extra steps for preventing disasters.

Thus, industries must be always considered as a ticking bomb that may explode anytime. Authorities must be on their toes to prevent incidents from occurring.

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