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Question-2:  Explain the idea of ‘One Nation One Voter ID’, how this can empower migrant voters in the country?


Answer:  Voting in India is a legal right. Voting must be viewed not just as a civic duty but as a civic right. To ensure that voting rights of every citizen is protected, ‘One Nation One Voter ID’ can be implemented.

Need for One Nation One Voter Id

  • Internal migrant workers constitute about 13.9 crore as in the Economic Survey of 2017. This is nearly a third of India’s labour force.
  • They travel across India in search of an economic livelihood. They engage in the construction sector, as domestic work, in brick kilns, mines, transportation, security, agriculture, etc.
  • Internal migrant workers do not enrol as voters in their place of employment. They also cannot afford to return home on election day to vote. Thus, migrant workers become quasi-disenfranchised, and forgotten voters.

Empowering migrant workers

  • Migrants voters will have the opportunity to chose their representative in their working state so that they get represented.
  • The legal right of right to vote can be ensured through One Nation One Voter Id.

Thus, the ‘One Nation One Voter ID’ will ensure native ballot portability and empower the forgotten migrant voters.

Ensuring that every Indian voter can participate in elections is imperative to ensure a democratically inclusive India.

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By- Prashant Tiwari

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