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Question: How can biotechnology help to improve the living standards of farmers?


Answer: Biotechnology has proved to be a vital clog in development of our agricultural sector with its widespread applications. Various solutions have been created through biotechnology to improve profits from agriculture and improve living standards of farmers.

Role of biotechnology in improving living conditions of farmers

  • Increasing farm output
    New crops developed using biotechnology have the capacity to produce more output per area compared to conventional species. This means that more production from small land and subsequent increase in profits.
    Ex: Green revolution in India.
  • Reducing pest menace
    Pests are major threat to farm economy than other sources. To eliminate major threats to crops, scientists have come up with innovative methods using biotechnology to help in elimination of pests.
    Ex: Development of sterile pests that poses less threat to crops.
  • Discovery of new varieties
    New variety of species always have more demands in comparison to existing ones. By biotechnology new species are created that can create more profits for farmers.
    Ex: New varieties of Basmati rice fetch more prices.
  • Climate resilient crops
    Sometimes it is necessary to develop crops that can sustain in adverse climatic conditions. This will enable farmer to save himself from losses that occur due to crop losses.
    Ex: Water resistant paddy can tackle incessant rains.
  • Nutritional capacity enhancement
    Crops can be developed that are nutritionally fortified. This will ensure that micronutrients can reach all the consumers and benefits their health. These crops are created with the help of biotechnology.
    Ex: Golden rice.

Way forward
Biotechnology has to be better integrated in modern farming especially in areas where growing specific type of crop becomes necessary.
Thus, we can conclude that biotechnology has indeed helped in improving lives of farmers upto a certain extent but to be universally acceptable, still a long distance has to be covered.

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